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This is where you'll find answers to questions that people ask me, lessons that it occurs to me to share. Enjoy the random madness and the carefully executed brilliance. 

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Weird Science

Posted by Magus on March 9, 2017 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I agree with this statement:


If you've got a religious belief that withers in the face of observations of the natural world, you ought to rethink your beliefs -- rethinking the world isn't an option. -PZ Myers, biology professor (b. 9 Mar 1957)


People might wonder why I would agree with this quote, being that I am an occultist. To me, Spirits and magick are perfectly in tune with the natural world. They are there, we just don't see them. I don't see radio waves, either.

I don't see my wi-fi signal... but when I get too far from the router, I suddenly remember that there are these insivible little Sylphs that are helping my phone or my iPad to talk to the little, black box in the corner. 


Most people I've met have at least one very powerful, personal story about ghosts, ESP, astral travel, someone they knew using magick successfully, etc. They just don't talk about it, because it's not socially acceptable. They don't want to sound crazy.


Science scoffs at magick because you can't recreate magick in the lab. Of course not. A key principle of magick is that it works in silence.

Any half-decent magician knows that if you cast a spell and tell people about it, it probably won't work. Do it quietly, it might work. In science, it's covered by what we call the observer effect.

We can't prove love or hate or measure them with instruments but they clearly drive the entire world. We can show certain bits of the brain lighting up when people talk about them but that's it. The same thing would happen when people talk about metaphysical stuff, it would just be different bits of the brain lighting up.

You also cannot recreate the Big Bang in the lab. However, I assume that what they physicists say about it is correct.

It's worth noting that the idea of the Big Bang lines up perfectly with the Qabalah, with its 3 Veils of Nothingness, followed by the way in which the sephiroth are said to progress, down the Tree of Life.


The Lightning Flash, described in the qabalistic stories matches up quite nicely with the accepted scientific notions today of an ever-expanding Universe, which is growing less dense all the time.


Watch the physics documentary, Everything And Nothing.


As you watch this film, you might consider how all these ideas are the socially acceptible norm in modern astronomy and science today and yet (on the level of archetype and symbolism), they line up beautifully with the astrology and the occult sciences of yesterday.


It's also a bit joyous to see a reference to Dr. John Dee, the personal astrologer and spy for Queen Elizabeth, probably the smartest man alive in his time. The narrator tells how he was consulting with a professional astronomer of that time, to theorize about an astronomical event that they had no explanation for.


Dee was an inventor, who created nautical navigation devices that would remain standards, long after his death and he and his scryer Edward Kelley developed the Enochian system of magick, a method of conversing with Angels. Pretty smart guy, if you ask me.


I know quite a few staunch atheists who, if you get a few drinks in them, will share stories of paranormal things that happened to them. But the moment they sober up or somebody is looking... Oh, no! That didn't happen! That's just something that I thought happened at the time.


As a child, I encountered a ghostly voice at my aunt's house and didn't even know it was a ghost (I thought someone was playing a joke on me) until I was in my 20's and the story was explained to me. But I can still hear that voice, clearly.


I once had something growl at me in an empty room, in a house where spooky stuff regularly happened, to a dozen different people I know who visited there. Some of them will not speak of these things at all and yet, I am well aware of the fact that those people did experience those phenomena and were terrified by them. How many people might you know who are saying they have never experienced anything from the other side but are actually lying through their teeth, trying hard to forget all about it?


I've had a person visit me in a dream, speak to me and then tell me, the next day what they said, exactly. I've had plenty of dreams that were premonitions that came true. My oracles (tarot, geomancy, astrology, dice, bones, crystal ball, pendulum, etc) tell me things that I SHOULD NOT KNOW and yet, they are truths that only later on, come to light. 


All the same, I really don't have any religious views, at all. I do have many reverent views, about respecting the Divine, that which we refer to as God, the Angels, the Elementals and our ancestors.


I've seen things work, magickal things, that by scientific explanation, just SHOULD NOT WORK. Then I recall, as they discuss in the physics video, we thought until Einstein that the Universe was slowing down in its expansion. We now believe it's speeding up. We used to think lots of things were hard science and now they're not. We used to think lots of things were hooey, like something being in two places at once. Now, any particle physicist worth their salt will tell you that yes, a particle can in fact, be in two places, simultaneously.


It's a weird world, folks. Somebody oughta sell tickets.

Cleansing with Elemental Fire

Posted by Magus on July 4, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Anyone who has done any serious magickal work knows that if you work on the astral, then every once in a while, you’re going to attract a certain amount of psychic sludge.


The reasons for this are several. For one, you light up on the astral plane. Doing white light work? Intense meditation? Doing pentagram rituals or casting circles? Honoring a Deity, evoking Spirits or casting spells?

If so, then you are working in the LVX (light), basically turning up the contrast between yourself and the darkness.


In this one regard, this idea of attracting attention from stuff on the astral, daily Middle Pillar rituals are not much different from doing hardcore Quimbanda work and Wiccan ritual is virtually the same as working the evocations of the Lesser Key of Solomon.

All of these will kick up a lot of psychic energy and that energy is like a pretty, blue bug zapper light to Spirits and even unintelligent energy pockets, wandering through the lonely, summer night.


Some practitioners will argue that this accumulation of icky goo is something that only happens to ineffectual practitioners. They believe that those folks aren’t doing it right.


To me, it’s inevitable that a certain amount of funk will build up, regardless of how clever and clean you are. In a busy kitchen, messes get made, eggs get broken and some of it goes flying.

Sure, many great chefs will use the clean as you go approach. Still, there’s just not time to be completely meticulous while you’re busy making your spells (or your quiche).

Even if you refrain from touching doorknobs, strange dogs and other people, your hands still get dirty and they need an occasional washing.


Now, if you're anything like me, then after you’ve spent all your energy, throwing it into a working, the last thing that you feel like doing is clean up. However, it's something that will pay off. If you don't clean up immediately, at least do it very soon. 

Some of the most important cleaning is done before a ritual. Sometimes you’ll need to clean (physically and/or psychically) before, sometimes after, sometimes both… it depends on what you’re doing. Let's focus now on the Elements as means to cleansing a space on the astral level.

This will be broken up into four segments. Each of these will include the 5th Element, which we call Spirit. Some call it Akasha or Azoth or other names. I prefer the term Spirit, purely out of habit. Use your own term of choice.


We tap the Element of Spirit by invoking a Deity or a particularly powerful Spirit. You can think of it as calling Deity down, into your area, into yourself, whatever you want to use as your visualization, concept. What is important is that you’re tapping that current, inviting it, channeling it into your space.


You can call in Spirit by saying a special prayer, dedicated to your Deity of choice. You can also take a Ceremonial Magick approach and vibrate Divine and Angelic names.


Vibratory formula is making your voice resonate with much energy, to the point that your entire body (and hopefully the surrounding area!) begin to shake. A sensitive person should be able to sense the change in atmosphere, while a skeptic will just stare at you and say something smart-ass.


A Hoodoo practitioner might recite a certain psalm or the prayer of a specific Saint to invoke Deity. A Voodoo practitioner might call out prayers of the Loa and a Golden Dawn magician might vibrate the qabalistic names of God (YHVH, ELOHIM, EHEIEH, ADONAI, etc) or the names of the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael). Other workers will use other methods, other names but all will ideally have some sort of line to the realm of Spirit.


Notice that I have framed this as being a vocal (out loud) phenomena. The voice should should be projected loudly (if possible) and assertively. The voice also has a strong correlation to the Element of Air, because our words travel by shaking the air, those frequencies bouncing off surfaces and other people’s eardrums.

However, we are going to talk about our prayers and our voices here as the agency of Spirit. Prayers and vocal cords are indeed very airy; of this, there is no doubt. However, we need some sort of mechanism to trigger Spirit and in this case, they get the job.


Additionally, we will be using the well-known items such as Sage and other burning materia magica for Elemental Air, in another segment.


In this installment, we examine Elemental Fire.


There are a variety of symbols you can use for Fire but why not just use actual Fire? Candles are cheap and plentiful, so go crazy with your bad self.

Red is the color of Elemental Fire, so I think it just makes good sense to use a red candle.

You can of course use a white candle, since we’re aiming at clearing astral funk. White is for purity or emptiness, clear space, total potential.


Likewise, you could use a color that is sacred to the particular God or Goddess you are working with. Barring a good reason for another color, I suggest sticking to red, because we’re thinking basic Elemental cleansing, here.


Many workers don’t bother with cleansing candles but I happen to think it’s a good idea, because candles pick up energy. If they don’t, why do we dress them with oils and charge them with our energy? Because they do, that’s why.


So, cleanse your candle. An easy way is to use Florida Water, because it’s a great all-around cleanser, with a long-standing reputation for cleansing people and the magickal stuffs that magickal people use. It has a high alcohol content, as well. This means it will literally kill germs both on the candle and your hands, as you apply it.


You could use some ocean water or Holy Water, too. At very least, a bit of rubbing alcohol and a prayer said over the candle will do.


In magick, the act of cleansing is often more important than the thing itself being clean. What I mean is that by going through the act of cleansing or consecrating an item, you are priming that object and your own body, mind and spirit for ritual use.


I personally like to inscribe my candles. Since I do a lot of traditional Golden Dawn work, I will usually inscribe my red, Fire candle with the name YHVH (aka the Tetragrammaton) the four-lettered name of God. Usually, I inscribe it in Hebrew but you can use English, too.


Something perticularly nerdy that I sometimes do is to inscribe the word Fire in the various languages associated with the Western magickal tradition. For example, 

Ignis - Latin

Pyr - Greek

Asch - Hebrew

Ash - Egyptian


I’m just sharing a geeky technique with you, this is entirely optional. Not into Qabalah? You can use different words or names. If you are working with a specific Deity, you can inscribe their name. I’ve used a candle that was inscribed with the name Hekate to cleanse.


Just make sure that you use the name of a Deity that resonates well with Fire. You wouldn’t put the name Neptune or another Water God/dess on your Fire candle.

Please tell me you won’t do that. I’m waiting…


Now, once you’ve got your candle all clean and scribed up, you can add another, special touch… conjure oil! This is also optional but really ratchets the effectiveness up a notch.


Magickal oils fall mostly under the domain of Elemental Water (because it’s liquid) and there’s a crossover here, just like the fact that we are using Elemental Air (voice, written prayers and the voice) to activate the Element of Azoth or Spirit.


This is your cleansing candle (Fire), yes. However, it’s a great idea to dress it with an oil (Water) and as it burns, this will move into the atmosphere (Air) and leave some leftover wax (Earth), which you can break up and scatter at the corners of the outside of the building, or bury these bits there. For this process, you'll want a protection, such as Fiery Wall of Protection, or a cleansing oil, like Van Van. 


Once you have your candle dressed, begin your chosen form of prayer, be that an Orphic Hymn, the prayers of the Elementals found in the work of Eliphas Levi, or the names and prayers of particular Saints, Angels or even Demons (if you happen to be a Left Hand Path person). Michael, the name of the Archangel of Fire is particularly effective and I often inscribe his name in Hebrew into the candle.


Next, light your candle and begin to move through your space. There are a number of methods for where to start and where to end up. I like to begin at the front door and move counter-clockwise through the house or building, until I once again reach the front door. You can do it your own way, of course.


You will want to incorporate some sacred geometry into this work. By this, I mean that you can use an equal-armed cross (for balancing the energy of the room) or a Calvary Cross (for more Christian-centric work or even some forms of ancient Celtic practice).


You can use a pentagram for banishing; if so, I recommend you start at the bottom left and move up (this is known as a banishing pentagram).


You can also try a hexagram, starting with the upper triangle and following it with the bottom triangle. You may prefer to make these triangles counter-clockwise or clockwise. There are solid reasons behind each method.




In each room, you have one more decision to make. You can draw one of these figures of sacred geometry (or some other figure, central to your, individual Deity or practice) in the center of each room. Or, you can draw it over each individual wall of the room. Or, you can draw it in the air in each cardinal direction (East, South, West, North). All of these methods are valid.


Do make sure that you have your candle on a plate, so that you are not slinging melted wax everywhere. It’s a real drag to get colored candle wax in your nice carpet. If that does happen, get a paper bag and an electric iron. put the bag over the wax and the iron over the bag. The heat will draw most of the wax out of the carpet. However, it’s not likely to get all of it, so avoid this by moving slowly and carefully and have a plate under the candle.


Above all, do this work with full attention and reverence and have faith that it will cast out whatever needs out-casting.


Every so often, repeat the process. You can do all the Elements in a day, or one each day. It’s up to you. How often you go through them all is dependent upon the type of practice you have and the state of your world. If things are in turmoil, do it more often. If not, relax. However, I’d say that even in good times, once a month is a good idea.


Have fun.

It's Called A Reading For A Good Reason

Posted by Magus on May 19, 2016 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

A few cursory thoughts on the

art and science of divination



It’s a funny business, life. Sometimes we have all the wrong ideas about something and it turns out just fine, anyway. Sometimes those wrong ideas lead us to disaster.


Other times we did everything right and it still turned out badly, no fault of our own. Luckily, we can sometimes do everything right and have it actually turn out right, as well.


We use divination (tools like tarot, astrology, pendulum, dice, bones, geomancy, augury, dreams and runes) to sort out what a situation looks like in advance. We call it a reading. The problem is that too often, we take it as a royal decree. 


These days, we have GPS and automated instruments that keep our vehicles (planes, trains and automobiles) on track. It used to be that if you needed to sail somewhere or move through open terrain, you used the stars, a sexton, a map, ruler, pencil and a bunch of math to take a “reading”. Then, you’d trudge forward and do your best to stay on course. Then, you’d take another reading, adjust course and go again.


That is all any divination should ever be. At least, any single divination, anyway. If you get consistently bad or good readings then maybe stop asking? Never mind, that’s just crazy talk. You’ve already asked 24 times… one more won’t hurt.


If you want to get accurate readings, here are a few points that may help you get more of what you want out of the tools you're already using.

I submit them now, for your consideration.


* Surrender to the process - To get a clear reading, do whatever you do to empty your noggin’ first. Run around the block, meditate, pray, mantra, banish and invoke, drink tea, go to Fight Club if you need to. Pluck a single nose hair... that will wake you up.

Just do something to get all the excess ya-ya’s out. If you’re not going to get rid of the skeletons in your closet, at least dust them a little bit. If you cannot distance yourself, then get a trusted friend (or a professional, qulaity, experienced reader) to help you. That’s probably the best plan, anyway, for things that are highly, emotionally charged for you.


* Realize there are some things that cannot be known - There is (in my opinion) plenty of room in our great, big multiverse for random chance.

Even though I am a serious occultist, I do not believe that everything happens for a reason.

I believe that most things do… but not everything. Feel free to disagree.

I personally believe that many things are just above our pay grades and clearance levels, we don’t get to know. 

* Realize there are some things that should not be known - If you have Deities, ancestors, Spirits or magickal dust bunnies working for you on the astral, they might just help you out (in their own, special way) by occasionally) giving you a false answer or three, just so you don’t royally fuck up a good thing for yourself or stumble blindly into that dark alley full of zombie ninjas.


* Don’t insult the oracle - Don't be rude or obtuse to your oracle and/or your Spirits, Demons, Angels, Guides, Scooby Doo or whoever you ask for help by second-guessing too much.

Credulity is a disease in the occult community, we need to be aware of it and guard against it. Don’t believe everything, just because it came from an oracle or a Spirit. Conversely, don’t burn your bridges by being incapable of taking yes for an answer (or no, for that matter). Incredulity is the other side of that disease. Have a reasonable amount of faith. It's not healthy to be incapable of accepting the answer.

Ever had the experience of a child asking you something so many times that you start making up ridiculous crap, just to see if they’ll believe it? I assume the invisible entities and your own unconscious might do something similar.

* Some things are spelled out perfectly, you just don't get it

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  - Hamlet 

With some matters, you cannot possibly conceive of how it will actually play out, due to your limited worldview, experience, belief systems or other limits to your current thinking habits, structures, etc. You might be lacking imagination (not you, I'm sure... but other people!). Or maybe you just couldn't possibly have foreseen that particular event, even though the oracle is doing its best to explain it to you in clear, simple terms.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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You might think that you know all the intricacies of a given situation. You might be an expert in that area. You may have known that person for years and can predict their behavior, most of the time. You may just know in your heart that taking that job at the lemonade stand in Greenland is the right thing to do.

But if your ideas about yourself, other people or the world around you don’t line up with the reality of the shit that is actually about to go down, then you will literally not be able to comprehend it, no matter how perfectly someone explains it to you.

Lon Milo Duquette has said (in regard to tarot, specifically) that we should imagine that there is an Angel and that Angel will answer any question and answer it faithfully and honestly. The problem is, the Angel can only talk through a set of 78 color illustrations in an old book. It takes the pages and throws a few at you and it’s up to you to interpret the truth that hides in that message. Perhaps easier said than done. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Here's an example. My friend Shawn Shadow was reading for me about an outdoor event I was having. The reversed 2 of Swords showed up and he suggested that some unpleasant people might show up. It sounded like a reasonable interpretation to me. I hired some security.

I ended up not needing the security, because that's not what happened. Instead, unusually high winds and lots of rain made us have to take down the tents and move everything inside. My tent was destroyed.

As I said, the weather was unusual for that time of year. So, neither of us could have really understood what that meant, except in hindsight. 

You would have to ask specifically, will the weather be favorable? Then, the inverted 2 of Swords could answer you No. But we didn't think of that because of the time of year. We didn't know there would be a freakish storm that suddenly whipped up. We just didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition to show up and start throwing tents into the street. How could we?

But the card made total sense. 2 of Swords (Elemental Air), reversed (lack of peace, which is in the title of the card).

Reversed 2 of Swords = storm.

Makes sense. Whooda thunk it?


* The Universe shifts constantly - The winds change (sometimes violently) on a dime.

It’s called a reading for an excellent reason. The reading is how the situation looks, from this vantage point, at this particular time.

Meteorologists get paid big bucks to predict the weather and they are frequently wrong. We don't fire them or hang them for being wrong; it's not their fault that the wind shifted. I suppose that weather forecasting is as much art as it is science, too.

Divination is the same way. So, if you walk around saying things like “I just know because I saw it in my cards” (or your dreams, scrying mirror, your mood ring or your alphabet soup), then it’s time for an attitude adjustment.

And I say that with all the deepest love and respect that there is to offer. Seriously, no judgement but stop looking at it like that.

You might indeed know with a capital Gnosis. Yet don’t be surprised when it turns out backward once in a while. Nobody gets it right, all the time. Nobody.

* You might be having a bad day - Even the very best readers have off days, so have a little compassion. Doctors with the best training and intentions make misdiagnoses all the time. We don’t toss them on the street. We politely say “Take another look. Do another test. Pretty please”.


* Learn your fucking correspondences, already! -

This is me, scowling at you :(  for not studying.

When people read for me, I try to go with what that card means to that particular reader. If they say something like “Well, I just feel it out”, that can sometimes be a red flag.

Some people have very strong gifts and they can go a long way on that, alone. But you wouldn’t trust a doctor who just had a knack for picking the right medicines; I hope not, anyway. You want a doctor who has gone to medical school. Or, you at least want one who read a ton of medical books, attended trainings, shadowed someone in medicine for a long time, etc.

When you draw a rune or a tarot card or a geomantic glyph or you see an astrological transit, don’t wing it. Look it up. Make flash cards. Take a course. Read a book. If you are reaching for your mouse to google it, please smack yourself for me. The only exception is if you are trying to research what book to read or what teacher to get or something like that.

Pick something and dive in. Follow through to the end.

* Don’t shoot the messenger - For the love of Hades, don’t be mad at the person reading for you, they're doing their best. If they are good people, they will tell you what they see, not what you want to hear.

Being mad about that is just foolish. You don’t have to like what they say. You don’t have to believe it. You certainly don’t have to act on it or follow it, slavishly. But don’t be an ass about it. Smile and say thank you… and mean it.



We could write three entire bookshelves of books about tarot or astrology or runes and never get to the end of this discussion. My little list here is literally, what I pulled off the top of my head… today. It is by no means a complete list.


Keep studying. Rock on.

My name is Magus (aka Kevin Trent Boswell) and I call myself a Conjure Coach. I help people get the ideas and skills they need to get to where they are trying to go. A also do a little bit of juju behind the scenes to give them an extra push. 

It's Possible

Posted by Magus on May 18, 2016 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

If anyone knows that I am a coach and yet you can't wrap your head around what that is, I challenge you to watch this entire video by one of the greats, Les Brown. At one point in the video, he explains it very well.


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

If you are thinking "That's great but what can YOU help me with? You're not where you want to be yet. You're not where I want to be yet". My response is that you're right. But don't quit reading right there. Consider this. I just went through the roughest year of my entire life. The skills that I have learned as a coach and as a magician enabled me to hold on to my vision and keep moving, even when things looked like there was no hope. I'm still getting caught up. I still have some debts to pay off, I won't lie. Other people have fought their way back from much worse places. Every success story starts with a horror story, one in which the protagonist simply will not quit. That, I can do! I don't quit. No special strength of character... I'm just too damned hardheaded to quit ;-) Because I am that way, I can find that part that is inside you and help you draw it out, if you are willing to go through the steps, even when it feels hopeless.


One of the things that I learned was "The fastest way to feel better is to help someone else". So, I did a bunch of free, intro sessions with new people and it worked. I got such positive feedback that it gave me a sense of purpose. It reminded me that I have something to offer. I was blown away by the compliments and thank you's that people offered up. To be fair, I asked for referrals... IF AND ONLY IF... they found it to be useful. I'd say that 9 out of every 10 people I worked with wrote referrals for me in various places and they were FAR more kind and generous than I expected.


I got some paying patrons out of it, too; several people didn't want to stop after 1 session! But the most important thing was that it helped me hold on to my own purpose, my self-esteem. A coach reminds you that life will kick you at times but you're not done. He or she will reach in and extract that fighting spirit from within you, the thing that will bring your power to the surface.

My niche is that I am a Conjure Coach. That's a term that I coined myself. While I work with all kinds of people, my specialty is helping people who are into magick to get the best out of themselves. Doesn't matter if you are into OTO, Wicca, Santeria, Voodoo, Golden Dawn, Druid, LHP, Hoodoo or whatever. I don't tell you what to do. I help you to get yourself to do what you already know you want and need to do.


Want you're own coach? See the Services page (the button bar above)


Can't afford me? Tell me so. Make me an offer on what you COULD afford. I will probably agree to work with you for one or two months on a sliding scale, with the understanding that we will get you earning more, so that you can afford my full fee, which is already more than reasonable.

I believe that if you help someone else, it WILL come back. I'm willing to help but you have to exercise enough faith to ask.


Medicine Bottle Spells

Posted by Magus on May 5, 2016 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

A traditional type of Hoodoo spell is the medicine bottle.

   You can find classic, antique medicine bottles online in the usual places, like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, etc. However, it isn’t necessary to spend $5-20 on a really cool bottle. You can, if you want to but you don’t need anything special for this.


   The basic, plastic bottles that you get from any Rite Aid, Walgreen’s or any other pharmacy will do fine. What is important is that the bottle actually contained medicine at some point


   If you take a bottle out of the pharmacist’s bin that is unused and make a spell bottle out of it, you may or may not get results. But your odds go up if you use one that the pharmacist filled with a prescription, the pills were all taken by someone and then… the bottle was recycled as a spell bottle.


   There isn’t much to these spells. You will put items into it that are specific to your purpose, speak a prayer into it and then, seal it. Burn a dressed candle (or several) on the lid of the bottle.

   You can also burn several candles, around the bottle, in a specific pattern. For instance, one candle in each Cardinal Direction (the four quarters of East, South, West, North) is a standard method. If you use a more Christian root worker method, add another candle at the bottom to form a Calvary Cross.


   The candles can be tea lights, since they are cheap and easy enough to procure. Or, you can use the 4” chime candles or the 6” candles. Burning one, single candle on top of the bottle is acceptable, too.

   Just make sure that you watch it, so it doesn’t topple over. Especially if you use a small bottle and a tapered candle, as the wax melts, the weight shifts the center of gravity. Also, always observe general fire safety. Never leave candles unattended and keep children, pets and hostile Spirits away from them.


   You’ll also add Personal Concerns (hair, fingernails, blood or spit or something similar) and any Petition Papers you intedn to use (a piece of paper with your spell written on it, often a colored paper or a brown, grocery bag, cut or torn into a square).


   You’ll notice that the way I work, I do not count either of these as being numbered in the official ingredients. Other workers do, so you can choose the way you will do it. Just realize that the numbers I list are specific. I won’t go into my reasoning here, because that will be the subject of another post.




What goes into the bottle?

I dunno… whatcha tryin’ to do?


   Here are a few sample recipes. With each of these, it is assumed that you will add at least your Personal Concerns or those of whoever the bottle is designed to affect. You may choose to include a petition paper or a Seal (a figure from one of the traditional grimoires, such as the 6th & 7th Books of Moses) or not.

   Also, bear in mind that substitutions are OK… if you know what you’re doing. If not, then don’t swap things out. In my experience, out of every 10 people who say they know what their doing, about 3 of them actually pick appropriate substitutions. So, be sure about it.



Love Medicine Bottle




Red Roses

Brown Sugar

Strawberry Leaf

2 Tonka Beans (or more if it’s a poly relationship)

Attraction Powder


* For this, you would place your Personal Concerns into the bottle and if you already have a partner, you would put theirs in as well. If you are single, looking for someone, your petition paper would have a list of what you are looking for in a partner. Because of the nature of this spell, sexual fluids would be the best choice of Personal Concerns and hair, since it represents the head of the beloved.


Protection Medicine Bottle




Devil’s Shoestring

Angelica Root

Fiery Wall Of Protection Powder



Money Drawing Medicine Bottle



Grains of Paradise

Brown Sugar

True Cinnamon

Red Clover

Blue Flag Root

Attraction Powder



Blessing Bottle


Roses (Red and/or Pink)


Angelica Root (or powder)

Yerba Santa


Sage (White Ceremonial and/or Garden Sage)

Blessing Powder



   The potential varieties are limited only by your imagination. Anything you want can be catered by a bottle spell. Of course, for many things, this might be more of a support spell, rather than the entirety of the work. 

   I will not discuss timing here, because it is far too deep of a topic for this post. Suffice to say, I think it’s the most overlooked thing in spell work. Learning astrology well enough to efficiently tap the heavens is perhaps the best way to get your success rate up fast.

   If you want to do that, I can point you to two main resources. The first is my friend Austin Coppock. You cannot possibly go wrong there. So sayeth me.


   The second is my complete, in-depth, 12 lesson magick correspondence course, The Nascent Magician. If you want to quit f%$#!n’ around and learn the right way, then do that. That link will show you all the details.


   You can also learn ya some fine sorcery over at Jason Miller’s thing, Strategic Sorcery.


   While the ignoring of astrology is certainly not the only reason that people’s spells sometimes fail, it is by far one of the top reasons why the juju goes south. I will talk about that in another post, as well.


   For now, gather all your ingredients. Don’t forget those links (Personal Concerns), they are vital. Spells with no personal links rarely work as well as those that have ‘em. Write out your Petition Paper(s).


   Use your intention, whatever your preferred method is, to awaken the items (just the ones in the ingredient list, not the links and papers). I like to breathe on them, because that works well for me. Your mileage may vary.


   Place everything into the bottle and speak your intention and/or prayer into it. You might make up something on the fly, you might use a Psalm or a spell from your Book of Shadows (if you use one) or from any, other spell book you like to use.


   Cap up your bottle. If you are worried about it being tampered with, then seal it with some candle wax and/or keep it out of sight, locked up.


   Dress your candles with an appropriate oil. Say your spell/prayer and light them.

Remember… FIRE SAFETY.

   A successful spell will not make up for the fact that you burned down your house. If you need to extinguish the lights, pinch them with your fingers or use a candle snuffer. Don’t blow them out.


   Once all the candles have burned all the way out, deploy your bottle. That may be burying it or hiding it in an appropriate place. It may be by shaking it when you want to focus on the bottles purpose.


   The last thing I will say about these spells is that they often seem to be kind of one-shot deals. You will usually get one, big jolt out of them and then the bottle is pretty much dead after that. You might be able to make one that goes on and on, I don’t know. There are a few exceptions, some types of bottle spells that work more long term, that I won’t mention here.

   But all in all, it takes very little time to make and consecrate one of these spells. So, they always seem to me to be totally worth the time, material and the effort and energy that I put in. For example, I’ve had money bottles that yielded me $600 and even $1,000 that I was not already expecting.

   I had one experience that was rather astounding, with a bottle intended for a more, shall we say, physical purpose. I was literally sealing the bottle and got a phone call at that moment, from a woman that I soon became involved with, after that. Weird stuff happens (the good kind of weird) when you utilize good training, high-quality ingredients and proper timing.


Remember… to get all the little details that are not included here, be sure to see The Nascent Magician and sign up for Conjure Coaching with me.

   Even if you’re a skilled practitioner, we can walk through all the little details of what you’re planning to do, when, why, what, who, how and I can lend you some outside perspective, so you can make that spell go off like dynamite.

   If you coach with me, we can go over your spell intentions and see if your targeting is accurate or needs tweaking, if you’re using the correct magica materia and if you’re in need of a proper time to do the work, I can help you choose a good astrological election, all under one umbrella price. See the Services page for that.


Happy Medicine Bottle Making!


The Pressure Cooker

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People have a tendency to get caught up in The Pressure Cooker

It looks like this:


  • The situation gets worse and worse until you feel that you can't go on. You know something must change. The pressure builds up to unbearable levels.

  • You hit rock bottom. You reach out for help and you get much needed guidance. You begin to take action.

  • Your action produces some small, useful steps forward. You can see, feel and measure the positive changes.

  • Now, you have a bit less stress on you. You feel more comfortable. You start to feel happier.

  • So, you stop showing up. Now, there's no accountability.

  • You stop taking action.

  • The pressure builds back up. 


Only this time, you’re less likely to show back up at all, because you are embarrassed. Why? Because you feel like you somehow should have fixed it already.


This demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding about what type of machine you are. You are a human being, constantly in a state of flux. There is no such thing as stasis for a human type critter. 

People are not simple, light switches, either ON or OFF. You can't just flip a person to 'ON' and bam, you're done. People don't work like that. People are like musical instruments and instruments need to be regularly tuned.


Tune it once and very soon it will be out of tune again. Unless you retune it, when you play it, it will sound bad, dissonant, chaotic. 


We don't look at food this way. We accept the fact that we need to eat regularly.


We know that if we want to be physically clean, we must shower and put on clean clothes, every day.


Yet, we live in a culture that punishes us for expressing our very real and very necessary spiritual selves.


It’s falsely reinforced to us (every day in the media and through advertising and tv) that if we are healthy, then we don't get out of whack emotionally. And if we do, then we should be able to straighten it out quickly and stay fixed.


That's a really dangerous perspective for human beings to have, because we just aren't geared that way.

We have emotional, spiritual, mental gas tanks. These must be filled up very regularly. If you don't feed your mind, train your body, enrich your spirit, connect with your friends, your partner, with the Divine, then expect to be unhappy. 


The idea being fed to you by the culture of today is that you shouldn't need to fill up. You should already be strong, all the time.

Why is the idea fed to us? Because obviously nobody is always strong. But if you buy that idea, you will try to do it anyway, because you are a good, little camper and you want to be strong, so mommy and daddy and everyone else will be proud of you.

This will of course, burn you out. Once you are mentally and spiritually weak, then it’s very easy to sell you crap that you don’t need. It’s easy to convince you that you need that gizmo and the junk food and the cable channel with the non-stop, garbage programming and endless commercials for gizmos and junk food.


Many people do take care of their bodies. They go to the gym several times a week, maybe every day. If you ask them "Why don’t you just stop? Aren’t you healthy enough?", they will look at you like you’re nuts. They know that if they stop, it will be only a matter of time before they are totally out of shape.


Ask a musician “Why do you keep practicing? Aren’t you good enough, already?" and they too will look at you like you’re an idiot. They know that they will get rusty if they stop. They also know that even if they could somehow maintain the level of ability they have… they still want to get even better!


So, when it comes to our attitudes, our emotional outlook, our spiritual lives, why is it that we allow ourselves to believe that we are already good enough, that we are done with that job, or that we don’t have time?


Seriously? You don’t have time to stop for a few minutes or an hour and tune the thing that controls everything else?


What, you ask, is the thing that controls everything else? Your mind. Your spirit. Your attitude. Your center. That’s what. If that part isn’t right, then nothing good will proceed from it. Get that part in tune and you can make gorgeous, sonorous music with it.


But you’ll have to get past the lazy, microwave generation idea that you’re going to just knock this out, real quick and move on to bigger and better things.

There are no bigger and better things.

There’s only you.


Most people self-sabotage by cutting themselves off from the source of what helps the most. The exercise is uncomfortable. “Oh well, I just won’t go to the gym”, never mind the fact that you won’t feel half as good today as you did yesterday. Or, that you could just take a short walk, instead of doing nothing at all.


The emotional work is uncomfortable, so “I guess I can rationalize that I don’t really have the money for coaching”. Never mind the fact that your excellent new attitude is going to wear off soon. Then you’ll be right back to hating your job and despising your spouse and feeling generally unfulfilled. Never mind the fact that you are paying twice that amount for things that are actually diminishing your quality of life.


You can tell yourself “It's not so bad, anymore. Look at all the progress I’ve made”. But I’m calling bullshit, right here and now.


When the moment of clarity hits you, in a week or in a month, or in a year, you’ll remember that there is no single “attitude adjustment” that is going to “fix” you, anymore than a single meal will hold you for the month.


You need to eat every day. And you need to prepare your mind, your heart and your spirit for the onslaught of life… every day.


But without someone to check in with, say once a week, or at least once a month, someone who will help you tune your instrument, you’re probably not going to do the daily stuff, all by your lonesome. Maybe you will, I don’t know. Go ahead and try it all by yourself. One out of every hundred people will be super focussed and positive and driven, all by themselves.


If you are one of those people, you know it already. But chances are, if you’re reading this, then you have some areas that you know need to improve. You’re not sure how to get around the fear and “do the stuff, in spite of the thing”.


You can work on yourself for a month and then stop. You’ll slide back. Even with a year of self-work, you’ll be a changed person, for a while. Then, you’ll fall back.


Commit to working on yourself for the rest of your life. Now, that will be something to behold. You may want to try this thought on for size:


“If I got this far, how much farther could I go, if I kept at it?"


But if you can’t be bothered to dig down into yourself and work on what’s there, don’t be surprised when you get results that for some reason, just keep spiraling back to that same old, uncomfortable place.

Every single person I work with will sooner or later hit a dangerous point in the process that I use. That point is the pressure cooker. When it hits, it becomes totally clear in the person's mind that the only logical thing to do is to stop. They got past one or two hurdles and clearly, the best we can experience, is a slight improvement, right?

One of my patrons recently summoned up her inner strength and pushed past that point. Several days later, she shared with me a very powerful insight. She said "I asked myself why I was feeling so resistant to commit to the work we're doing and I had to admit, it was really just resistance to committing to myself".  

Amen, sister. Can I get a witness? 

Many of us have come to accept that our bodies are the Temple of the Divine (regardless of who you worship or work with in your own, spiritual practice). Yet, our minds and emotions are Temples, too. Perhaps they are even more important, since they yield more than just nervous impulses. They are the gardens of action that produce the fruit that feeds or starves the rest of the world. 



Sucking it up.

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Most people's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group. –Tony Robbins


I've done dozens of introductory Conjure Coaching sessions with people lately and at least 8 out of every 10 have either said they found it really useful or they have even made a public testimonial or else they referred a friend to me. This is really great and I'm thankful to all of you, it's been a very powerful experience to get to know each person.


While everyone has said how great it is, the people who are getting the absolute best results are the ones who work with me regularly. They are the ones who are making the most remarkable shifts in their lives. Why? Accountability is the key.


It's really easy to have a single session, get really excited about some breakthrough realizations, see what's in the astrology, be fascinated by the answers that the tarot cards turn up, learn an emotional skill or two and then... nothing. The hypnosis of life settles in. We fall back into the trance of doing... what we always did before.


You won't put out nearly as much on your own as you will if you know that somebody is watching. When you know that you have to show up again in a week or even in a month, there's a certain amount of "positive pressure". That pressure that makes us "get shit done".


If you surround yourself with people who are not trying to be at their best, then they (although they love you and they really mean well) will be invested in keeping you from being at your very best, because they are afraid of losing you, afraid of not being enough themselves... and your new success only reinforces that realization.


Get around people who are demanding more from themselves than anybody is demanding of them. Get around those who are playing at a higher level. It doesn't matter where you are starting from. Just start.


Every successful company has a board of advisors, as do presidents, kings, people in entertainment or any other area of life. We tend to look at it as "They are successful. They can afford to have counsel". It's the other way around. Because they have counsel, they can afford it. You only get what you insist on. Insist on more. Treat your life like it is a nation of people. No entire population would ever submit to the rule of a king who had no advisors. Yet, we're taught to do it all by ourselves with no outside counsel. Bad idea.


Build your own "team". Get yourself someone who can give you valuable outside perspective, skills, strategies and insights, someone who won't just tell you what you want to hear. Friends will tell you "it ain't so bad", "you're fine", "you don't need to change anything", "you're perfect just the way you are". That will *feel* reassuring... for about five minutes.


Then, you'll remember the pain, the anxiety, the bitterness about that situation you've been feeling trapped in. You know that it MUST change. You're probably not going to do it alone. Don't get me wrong, you *totally* have the ability to do it and to do it all by yourself. But ask yourself this question: "How long to I want to take to figure this out?". Do you want to do it the hard way? All by yourself? I didn't think so. Isolation and frustration is a poor strategy.


Each of us will struggle with a problem and act out in less than healthy ways, until we've "had enough". When you hit that point, you're almost ready to change. Almost? Yep. The next step is swallowing your pride and admitting that you've wasted a ton of time, energy, money and heartache, attacking the problem in exactly the wrong way. We all screw up. We all screw up really bad at some point. Learn from it. Move forward. You are not your action. You are a Spirit, capable of action.


When you have that attitude of facing each and every mistake, however painful, embarrassing, expensive or humiliating... looking them in the eye and announcing your imminent victory, then you are ready. It takes moxy to "call the shot", because there is a chance of failure. But if you don't call the shot, then you're less likely to even take the shot. If you don't even take the shot, then there is a 100% guarantee of failure.


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