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Dark Matter


Dark Matter is a collection of horror poetry by Magus ( Kevin Trent Boswell ).

34 pages.

Sample Poem: 


The Clown


A white faced clown, w/ a jester’s hat

Beneath it, he wore a wicked smile

A shelf on the wall is where he sat

There he watched me, all the while


He wore a sheath, hanging through

A hook in the belt that hung from his side

It held a dagger, w/ steel of blue

A blade, quite sharp, and bright and wide


One day he spoke to me boldly,

Told me of his power,

Of his ability to leap down and coldly

Kill me at any hour


He drew out his dagger,

Waved it mockingly

He swore to see me suffer

For all eternity


I challenged him to lay hold of his claim

That he held the means to my end

I think to mock me was his aim,

And so, he proceeded to say that he was my friend


He never once stood up, or stirred,

Or took charge of his feet

Seemingly limp, he looked absurd

In his seemingly permanent seat


Oh yes, he spoke, and waved his arms and

His grin was ear to ear

But he could prove no danger directly at hand

He was silly, and not to be feared


Some begin to fancy me mad

When I speak towards the wall

I tell of the talks w/ the clown that I had

But they see nothing at all


Each day I walk by,

See that spot on the wall

Where once a clown I did spy

Who was not there at all


Then suddenly, he’s there again

He never left, he was waiting for me

Then, he smiles and winks and then

My blood runs cold and icy


At night, he climbs down from his chair

To ransack and harass my brain

Yes.....perhaps he’s not there,

But I see him the same

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