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In The Current


In The Current is a collection of metaphysically, spiritually based poetry by Magus ( Kevin Trent Boswell ).

Each of these poems are inspired by the author's own magickal practice, paranormal experiences and visions, both received and manufactured. 

34 pages. 


Sample poem:



universe is rubbing her thighs together

and toying w/ my hair

she knows that she wants me

inside her

this is good


she's making palpable suggestions

that i can taste

and more than appreciate

her drool is welcome on my shirt

and her moisture is overdue for staining my pants


she is harlot and virtuous saint at once

she is my mother and daughter

while she is my whore and mistress

she cannot be one, but all.....

she cannot be all, but one

she bites my lip and

swears at me,

in ways that a man usually

pays extra for


i know that it will be

a good aeon for me

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