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Liber Ex Libiri (The Book of Children)


Liber Ex Libiri (The Book of Children) Poems of Hope is a collection of poetry by Magus ( Kevin Trent Boswell ), which as the name implies, all center around optimism and innocence. 

34 pages. 

Sample poem: 





shaking off the heavy, static dew,

the off-colour negatively charged ions of fear and flusterations


shake now!!!

you loose bird

of new, frantic flight.


something under those colourful feathers

pumps you into the soup of existence

w/ fervor and w/out fear!


you can dance on the shingles

and no single thing

will abide your demise!


I will hear not of your downfall,




my ears will only be opened to

the purposeful tune

of your laughing at the past,

from the summit of

new futures,

the top of bold triumphs


the fortune card does not always fall face up

and the disk of change sometimes rotates

against your grain


these incongruities aside,

still you will stride....

sipping the syrup of opportunity,


you pine only for the morning

and new adventure

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