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Next is a collection of poetry by

Magus  ( Kevin Trent Boswell ). These particular works are avant-garde, quirky, jazzy and strange.

34 pages.

Sample poem: 




despite the beast,

claws in back


smoulder on, little fire


soldiers of no sleep and

the children of somnambulism


populations grow... pruned occasionally

all sizes and scents

of ideas, peoples

clay is trimmed from the edge of the wet bowl


can we beat the R-complex?


fire engine

drum beat

falling fear

one more day

more awareness,

breeding numbness

numbness grows hungry

and gives way to action

action brings circumstance

circumstance brings


consequences bring



rinse and repeat

fire still hangs from low branches

and spits in the countenance

of apathy

scout ahead and

see where we’ve been

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