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On The Page


On The Page is a collection of poetry by Magus ( Kevin Trent Boswell ), all about writing and being a writer, the blessings and blights of being a poet in the modern age. 

34 pages. 



service entrance


punctuated mental breaths

no movement of air

short, spasmodic conniptions of energy,

yielding no fruit

these are the delusory hors-devours

laid atop the imitation marble for the guests


a bitter after-taste, no filling capacity

sprinkle garlic on them

to kill the gamy taste of the vampires w/in

spread some jelly over these bitter crackers

to sweeten the dust-like consistency of death

no amount of powdered sugar

seems to cover the pitch,

the black, discontentedness


this party is a real drag....... I tried to tell you

we should have gone to the other one

let's slip out and break north

if we hurry we can get away from all these

stilted businessmen and cancerous academics

you have enough gas in your '64 muscle car

and we have enough steam that,

w/ a strong tail wind and a fortuitous set of green lights,

we can arrive before they finish off the keg


there's supposed to be a whole lot of girls


away now, from these dusty, broken skeletal structures

who wear fashionable attire

who pin conceit to their lapels,

whose corsages reek of smugness and bad perfume.........


I see a path through the back of the room,

we can go out the service entrance

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