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Holy Water - 8 ounce bottle



Size: 8 ounce, spray bottle


This is Holy Water that I consecrate myself, in my temple space.  I use pure, clean, filtered water and consecrate it with my  own ritual, which is four pages in length. Based on traditional sources like Levi, Agrippa, The Golden Dawn, etc, this ritual is not just a quick blessing prayer. 

I always observe strict astrological timing for this process. The Moon must be well-dignified, as when it's in the sign of Cancer or Pisces and in harmonious aspects with the Sun or the Benefics (Venus and Jupiter).

I mix in a bit of Blessed Sea Salt (also consecrated by me), along with ash from an appropriate incense, such as Frankincense and Myrrh. The final product is strained, so the ash does not gum up the sprayer.

This blessed water is useful for spiritually purifying yourself, your home and your magickal tools.

This is high-quality Holy Water, the real stuff. You're not getting tap water with a fancy label, that has had a quick prayer said over it.

I put a great deal of care and energy into each batch. That's why it's expensive. It takes a great deal of time to choose an astrological election, set up the Temple for the ritual, execute the rite, then bottle and label it... you're getting an exquisite product at a very reasonable price.

This is not the same kind of Holy Water you get from a Catholic Church or a church supply store. This is a magician's Holy Water. It's not any better or worse than Holy Water from a church, it's just different.

If you are having problems in your home with negative spirits, this is an important part of the solution.

Well-made Holy Water is good for chasing away most nasty things.



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