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Air Incense


Size: 60 mL by volume

The Element Series brings you the essence of Elemental Air , now through the medium of primordial Fire .

Let us call this the  Air of Fire . Combustible, magica materia oxygen, fueling the fires of the mind. Four, herbs, roots and resins, linking as closely as possible to the realm of Yetzirah, that qabalistic world of logical thought, astral forms and the conscious mind.

Bringing our attentions up the winding stairwell of the mind, we smell the burnt offerings, brought to the flames by the little Gnomes of Earth and the Sylphs of Air.

Catch a whiff of the lingering fragrances that pour out the window of the alchemist's laboratory. 

Since there are four, classical Elements (Spirit being and alchemical perfection of the other four), there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series.

This incense contains real Mastic. If you're not familiar, Mastic is quite expensive compared to other resins (like Frankincense and Myrrh). However, it's one of the best resins for capturing the spirit of Elemental Air. 

Each ingredient was carefully chosen, because of it's alignment with Elemental Air!

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