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Fire Oil


Size: 1/2 ounce bottle

Lighting the alchemical athanor, filling up the natural gas tank and igniting the pilot, The Element Series  plumes forth, to burn away the dross with a ritual oil for Elemental Fire

This is Fire of Water , boiling away at the cauldron of issues and activities presided over by that power. Fire directs the energies that we use to do... just about anything, from rolling out of bed in the morning to building empires.

Our Fire materia is of Atziluth, the qabalistic world of archetypes. This magickal rocket fuel of herbs, roots and resins, floats right in the fuel reservoir of a tank, the same one that fired the killing shot at the fated turret seen in the Tower card of the tarot!

Elemental Fire rules through flame, over the sex drive, competition, quick actions, the quest for higher states of both luxurious joy and mad power.

Need to work with those Spirits of Fire, known as the Salamanders? Perhaps you want to invoke a grimoire Spirit, one who is aligned with Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Mars, the Sun or just Fire, in general? Slather up a nice, tall red candle with this and they'll be pleased for sure.

Strike the match of your mind and accomplish those things that can only be done through the trials of Fire. Raze bad habits, incinerate boredom or procrastination, crank up the heat on your goals or cremate the competiton. 

All the ingredients, like Clove and Cinnamon, were found stacked among the cordwood of the cosmic fireplace. So, go ahead and s park the tinder. Light the fuse on that dynamite and see what happens. Hurry up, before you change your mind.

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