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Janus vigil candle label


Size: 2" wide X 4" tall

This image of Janus, the double-faced God, is a paper, adhesive label that you can put on any glass candle, to turn it into a vigil candle.

The Roman God Janus rules over  beginnings and endings, time, war and peace, all manner of dualities, doorways, gates and passages.

Much like Mercury, He also helps in matters of travel and mercantile. His two faces allow sight into both past and future matters, which makes Him a useful guide for divination. 

The text, IANI VIA OMNIA ENUNTIABIT, roughly translates to Janus show all the way  (see Daniel Schulke's book Lux Hearasis ).

It's 4" by 2" and you can apply it to the glass candle of your choice. The candle is not included.  Three versions of this label are available, use the drop down menu to choose your favorite. 

Free S&H on this item, since I can mail it for the price of a stamp!

Also, buy 8 and get 2 more, FREE!

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